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Pressure Points: Chiefs at Jets

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There is no point sugarcoating it at this point: the 2017 Kansas City Chiefs are not what they were supposed to be. After their 5-0 start and having taken down the best that the league had to offer, the Chiefs look spent. They hit rock bottom in Week 11 when they dropped to 6-4 against the New York Giants. The week after, they failed to bounce back against the Buffalo Bills. Now, the Chiefs look to avoid hitting .500 against a third consecutive New York team. Simply put, if the Chiefs can’t win against the Jets it is time to give up on the season.

Every matchup in the NFL can be looked at in terms of pressure points. Each team, from the best to the worst in the league, has weaknesses that can be exploited. The teams that find the most success are generally the ones that manage to both protect their pressure points and punish other teams’. Looking at the Jets’ pressure points will help give an idea of how the Chiefs might win. To see the Chiefs’ pressure points for the first half of the season, look here. So far they are the same for Kansas City’s games after the bye. Hopefully that will change soon.

New York Jets Pressure Points

Run Defense

The Chiefs’ run game has been atrocious over the last several games. Whether it is the play design or the performance of blockers that has been at fault, it is a weak point. The Jets, on the other hand, are the 26th-ranked rushing defense in the NFL. For the umpteenth time, Kansas City has a chance to fix their season against the Jets’ defense.

Quarterback/Pass Protection

Perennial journeyman Josh McCown is starting under center for the Jets. Ranked 18th in passing yards and having notched 17 passing touchdowns to 8 interceptions, McCown is not the worst quarterback in the league by any metric. However, he has also been sacked 35 times (tied for 6th-most in the NFL). The Chiefs’ potent pass rush has the chance to take over in this game.

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Augustine "Gus" Harmon is a student at Benedictine College studying Mechanical Engineering and Physics. His love affair with football started in high school when he first started watching the game. In his spare time he plays rugby and stays active in his faith life.

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