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Kansas City Chiefs News – 9/10/17

Kareem Hunt

Here is your Chiefs news for the week of 9/10/2017

Hunt Shifts Focus to Eagles After Impressive Debut

This past week, Kareem Hunt impressed everyone with his record setting NFL debut.  Hunt’s NFL debut didn’t exactly start the way he intended it to.  Fumbling on the first play, Hunt had to regain focus and get back on track.  Hunt set a debut record three touchdowns and helped the Chiefs beat the defending champion Patriots in decisive fashion.  Hunt needs to build on that amazing opening act as the he and the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs look forward to a week 2 matchup with the Eagles.

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Alex Smith’s All-22 Footage vs. Patriots was Good to Say the Least

All-22 Footage, which shows every NFL play from a “Madden” type angle, gives an in depth look at NFL games.  When analyzing Alex Smith’s footage from last year, unfortunately it was uninspiring most of the time.  However, Alex Smith left very little room for criticism in week 1 against the Patriots in the footage.  Several plays from the game showed just how dominant Alex Smith’s performance against the Patriots really was.

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Kansas City Chiefs Report Card against the Patriots

Week 1 against the Patriots was a game for the Kansas City Chiefs where picking one star player for the game would be difficult.  Players like Alex Smith, Tyreek Hill and rookie Kareem Hunt made plays on highlight reel plays on offense.  The entire defense stepped up and held the defending Super Bowl champions and one of the more high powered offenses in check.  When you look at the report card for the Chiefs, it’s hard to give them a poor grade in almost any aspect.

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Here is Why the Chiefs can Survive Without Eric Berry

After a week 1 win, the Kansas City Chiefs were on cloud nine.  But when the dust settled, the realization kicked in that the team had lost it’s All-Pro safety Eric Berry to a season ending achilles injury.  Now, it’s impossible to totally replace a player of that caliber.  Some would say he was the emotional heart of the team.  You just don’t replace a player like that.  However, the Chiefs have made it through losing Berry before.  For example in 2011, Berry tore is ACL in the opener and in 2014 he missed over half the season to a battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma.  Berry will be sorely missed, but the Chiefs can get through the season without him.

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Chiefs Sign Safety Steven Terrell

Just one week after losing S Eric Berry to a ruptured achilles, the Kansas City Chiefs have signed S Steven Terrell.  Terrell is in his fifth year in the league and previously played for the Seattle Seahawks before coming to Kansas City.  Terrell really stood out in training camp and added 17 tackles during the preseason.  Specifically, he will be a great addition to the Chiefs’ secondary and will provide much needed depth.  It’s a testament to players that training camp and preseason can still be important when it comes to players making a roster once the season starts.

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Predicting How the Chiefs will Finish in 2017

After a trip to the playoffs in 2016, the Kansas City Chiefs enter 2017 with high hopes.  The Chiefs do have one of the tougher schedules on 2017.  When you look further, you see that the Chiefs don’t even have a noon-start time for all but one of their games until week 10.  Also, AFC West could be one of the tougher divisions in football this year.  But with all that said, the Chiefs look to have a repeat of last year and return to the playoffs once again.

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